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Health & Safety Confirmation & Acceptance Form

Camera Training Vehicles

Please fill in the details below and hit the send button, if you would rather download a PDF and fill it out and send it, please click here

    Have Police and Local Authority been notified and approved the use of Camera Tracking on the public highway and the relevant safety precautions been considered ?

    Location Manager

    Police/Local Authority Approval by

    Do you have a nominated Person or 1st Assistant who will be responsible for the control of Tracking Vehicle safety, who will work in conjunction with the tracking vehicle Precision Driver?

    1st Assistant or equivalent

    Please provide name of your Camera Grip :

    The Produce or Production manager must be aware of our Health & Safety Policy and confirm that all the relevant parties involved are also aware of this.

    Producer or Production Manager

    Insurance Company

    This form should be read, understood and signed and returned to Bickers prior to the shoot.
    Any queries please call : 01449 761300