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The Bicycle A-Frame, with banking rig option is a unique additional equipment option which can be used in conjunction with a number of our tracking vehicles, from our Rubicon Quad Elite up to our Silverado Elite try axle, depending on location limitations and shot requirements.

The Bicycle A-Frame system which connects to the host bicycle directly through its front wheel spindle or its front forks, this attaches to the tracking vehicle (Tow-Vehicle) by means of a electrically powered hydraulic lean simulation unit, this allows a Bickers operator to lean the bicycle as it negotiates corners, thus giving the appearance of free riding, the camera angle can be low enough to capture both front and rear wheel rotation during the riding sequence.

The bicycle banking rig gives the full control of the bicycle to the Bickers operator, thus enabling the cast member to act without having the ability to ride.

This equipment has been used on a number of TV commercials and feature films inc. Halfords and One Day.