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The Car Rotating Gimble allows the simulation of a vehicle rolling with the opportunity to have cast members inside & therefore achieving close up shots from a bonnet mount, door mount or interior camera set ups. This enables these elements to be cut up and used as part of the stunt sequence. The rig can be run at variable speeds and can be set up in any location including indoor studios and out on location.

The rotating gimble is not only compatible with vehicles, as shown below with just the shell of an ambulance being used, the rig can be utilised to film interiors rotating with anything desired.

The engine of the vehicle is removed meaning the vehicle is fully depolluted. This not only makes the vehicle safer when being rotated but also allows the vehicle to be better balanced within the rig. The vehicle is secured inside the rig, with the cast then positioned within the vehicle and secured in with the means of a full stunt harness.

During sequences involving cast within the rotating vehicle a stunt coordinator must be present.

Maximum size of car or object that can go inside the rig                                                         2.2m Wide x 2.1m  High 4.3m Long (Length can be increased)

Rig Dimensions
Length 5m
Width 3.5m
Height 3.5m
Space Required to Rig and Use 15m x 15m