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The pipe ramp method of rolling a vehicle gives the effect of the vehicle colliding with a fixed object, The pipe ramp can be easily disguised within roadside foliage, road work materials or within another static vehicle,

This method gives a controlled point of take-off and allows camera positions to be closely adjacent to this point (UN-MANNED) hence giving the effect of speed and violence.

The end of the pipe ramp is adjustable, this is called the kicker section, this allows the trajectory and final impacting point to be adjusted to suit the shot requirements.

The stunt driven vehicle would require Full Stunt Preparation including full six point roll cage, motorsport safety fuel cell, motorsport dry-cell battery, rally sport seat, five point harness, makrolon polycarbonate glass reinforcement and fire suppression system.

With our range of different pipe ramps we are able to use this stunt set up with any vehicle from a small car up to buses and lorries. 

This sequence would also require the presents of a Stunt Coordinator.

The Pipe Ramp method has been used on a number of TV productions inc Top Gear, Eastenders, BBC Casualty & Feature films inc James Bond and Fast & Furious 6.