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The Tiger High Speed Tracking Car is capable of reaching 130 mph. Ideal for high-speed filming especially suited for fully remote camera operation. It was developed for high-speed chase sequences and will out handle and perform most High-Performance saloon cars. (200BHP / 550kg). It is very compact and manoeuvrable with very fast acceleration. It is fitted all round with scaffolding and our unique rigging plate, enabling it to cater for a wide range of camera rigs.

The Tiger Elite is ideal for 360-degree Camera Arrays, due to its low body height of only 30inches. This enables the camera array to be rigged at the lowest possible height needed. There is also rigged points on the front and rear at a height of 5 inches from the ground that can be used as rigging points for remote heads or any other desired set ups.

The Tiger is road registered for use on Public Highway. And can carry the precision driver plus one other crew member.

Additional rigs or platforms can be made to requirements. Camera / remote head can be mounted front or rear of the Tiger tracking car. We also have the option of our “Stealth” Video Village car which is fitted with 5 Monitors and 4 operating / monitoring positions wirelessly linked to the Tiger Tracking Car. Safety – We operate a strict “Code of Practice” for the use of Camera Tracking which must be followed at all times.