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The Rubicon Elite automatic tracking vehicle can cope with any terrain and is often used with a Steadicam or Remote Head System. The key feature is our hydro static drive automatic transmission, which allows 100% smooth acceleration with no distorting gear changes like many other Quad Tracking Vehicles.


The Rubicon quad can be used as a motorised dolly and has various camera fixing and mounting points front and rear or alternatively the camera can be handheld. The quad comes standard with seats for either the operator or other crew members, which can be front or rear mounted. It is also equipped with scaffolding for easy rigging and dual-purpose Safety Roll Cage. This is not a conventional on road tracking vehicle, but they are road registered and specific police permission must be granted for use on the public highway.


Ridden by one of our Precision Tracking Vehicle Drivers.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
2 x Safety harnesses Remote Head Mount / Post Rig
2 x Operator Seats with Lap Belts Scaffold Rigging Kit
2 x Helmets Camera Crane Mounting Kit
Dimensions / Weights
Overall Length 2.3m  
Width 1.2m
Height 1.5m with Frame Attached
Weight 320kg