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U-CRane Arm Dynamic

U-CRane Arm Dynamic (RAd), formerly known as U-CRane Arm Mini, is produced by Filmotechnic. It is light-weight, steel and carbon-fibre high-speed mobile crane arm mounted on the roof of camera car. Remote-controlled with a joystick from within the camera car, gyro-stabilized pan and tilt arm allows crane operator to control position with high precision moves. Crane arm can pan 360 degrees around camera car with a tilt angle of 45 degrees. Smaller than full sized U-Crane Arm 

RAd is equipped with 3-axis gyro-stabilized Mini Flighthead  allowing high precision and stable camera control. It can pan, roll and tilt as per camera operator demands.

U-Crane Arm Dynamic on Mercedes GLC 63s

U-Crane arm Dynamic is mounted on the roof of Merc AMG GLC 63s (503 BHP) providing high quality, high-speed filming on a variety of locations. It is fitted with all needed equipment; Crane and Mini Flighthead Joystick Controls, and 5 x HD monitors.

Driven and Operated by:

The U-CRane Arms are operated by our very experienced crews, many of our drivers coming from Motorsport racing background and very used to Stunt interaction work and Precision Driving work on Car Commercials.


Dynamic U-Crane Arm (RAd) Mercedes AMG 63s Camera Car
Arm length:                        3.6m BHP 503
Max Lens Height 3.3m Engine V8 Twin Turbo
Tilt / Pan / Rotation 45Deg / 360 Deg / + – 3 Acceleration 0 to 60 – 3.8 Seconds
Camera Payload 25kg Drive Train Constant 4×4
Weight with Camera Max 180kg Suspension Full Air Suspension