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Bickers Action are the only UK suppliers and operators of the official Filmotechnic U-Crane Arm made in the Ukraine.

The U-Crane Dynamic GLC63s is based on a Mercedes GLC63s AMG 4Matic – 4L V8 Biturbo with 503 BHP capable of 0-60 in 3.8 Seconds, making this the fastest arm car in the UK. The GLC has been fully customised by our in-house engineering team to ensure the perfect integration of U-Crane to Car is achieved. The GLC63s is the fastest mid-size SUV ever round the Nürburgring (Nordschleife) Track which makes this the perfect tool for high-speed technical tracking. The GLC63s also comes as a package with Black Tek Towers available on request separate to the Dynamic Arm.

The U-Crane Dynamic married with the Flight Head Mini series create the most dynamic remotely operated Gyrostabilised camera crane systems available on the market. This combination ensures the camera’s stability is second to none on-road, off-road and even at high speeds.

The U-Crane Dynamic is considerably smaller and lighter than the U-Crane 6 suitable for energetic filming.

  • 15kg at a length of 11.5ft depending on vehicle platform. 


Package Includes / Equipment

  • Gyro-stabilised U-Crane Dynamic Arm – Pan & Tilt axis are both gyro-stabilised
  • Gyro-stabilised Flight Head – from 3rd Party – Please Ask Bickers for Details
  • Sealth Mercedes GLC63s AMG Tracking Car 
  • 5x SmallHD 703 Ultrabright Monitors with Shogun Recorder for Video Playback.
  • Full in-car comms if required. 
  • Full Experienced Crew – Not including Flight Head camera operator.
  • Fully Enclosed Transport Lorry 


Crew Package

The U-Crane Dynamic crews all have extensive tracking and operating experience within the Film and TV industry and specially within a U-Crane (Formerly Russian Arm) Car.

  • 1x U-Crane Arm Operator
  • 1x Precision Driver
  • 1x Flighthead Camera Operator (Can be arranged by Bickers)
  • 1x Flighthead/U-Crane Arm Technician
  • 1 x Dedicated Transport Lorry Driver


Transport Package

Fully Enclosed Transport Lorry – All Bickers U-Crane Arm Cars travel in a fully built form, which means there is no build time required at location. The lorry seconds as an overnight storage unit which means the vehicles can be left fully rigged, and secure for the next day shooting if required. All lorries come with integrated generator for charging if hook up power is not available.