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The Russian Arm and the Flight Head are a remotely operated gyro stabilised camera crane system which maintains the camera’s stability whilst travelling at high speeds, across uneven roads or off-road. The Russian Arm is fully controlled from within the car and is capable of operating at Higher speeds when required.

The Stealth 63 is based on a Mercedes ML63 AMG 4×4 – V8 Engine 6300 cc with 500 BHP Ideal for Higher Speed Camera Tracking, built especially to carry the Russian Arm.

2x  Complete Russian Arm Set Ups available


  • Gyro-stabilised Russian Arm – Pan & Tilt axis are both gyro-stabilised (Telescopic Arm also available)
  • Flighthead Gyro-stabilised Remote Head
  • Stealth Mercedes AMG ML63 Tracking Car fully integrated car with Comms
  • 5x HD Monitors with Video Playback

Experienced Crew

1x Russian Arm Operator

1x Flighthead/Russian Arm Technician

1x Precision Driver

1x Flighthead Camera Operator (optional)


Fully Enclosed Transport Truck – The Russian Arm travels in a fully built form, No build time required at location, its own overnight storage Unit, which carries its own Generator for charging if hook up power is not available.