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“U-Crane”  is made by  Filmotechnic in the Ukraine

The U-Crane Arm Tracking cars are based on a Mercedes ML63 AMG 4×4 – V8 Engine 6300 cc with 500 BHP which are Ideal for Higher Speed Camera Tracking, built especially to carry the U-Crane.  2 x Complete Packages available

The U-Crane Arm and the Flight Head are a remotely operated gyro stabilised camera crane system which maintains the camera’s stability whilst travelling at high speeds, across uneven roads or off-road. The U-Crane Arm is fully controlled from within the car and can operate at Higher speeds when required.

Package Includes / Equipment

Gyro-stabilised U-Crane Arm – Pan & Tilt axis are both gyro-stabilised

Gyro-stabilised Flighthead – from 3rd Party – Please Ask Bickers for Details

Stealth Mercedes AMG ML63 Tracking Car fully integrated car with Comms

5x HD Monitors with Video Playback.

The Set Up

U-Crane Arm kit comes complete with HD monitors inside the car which are linked up to a record and playback facility, the kit includes a talk-back system that consists of both 5x internal and 4x external communication devices, the 4x external devices are Motorola walkie talkies that can be used by the ‘hero car’ driver and 3x location coordinators.


The U-Crane Arm works with very Experienced Crews

1x U-Crane Arm Operator

1x Precision Driver

1x Flighthead Camera Operator (Can be arranged by Bickers)

1x Flighthead/U-CRane Arm Technician

1 x Dedicated Transport Truck Driver


Fully Enclosed Transport Truck – The U-Crane Arm travels in a fully built form, No build time required at location, its own overnight storage Unit, which carries its own Generator for charging if hook up power is not available.

U-Crane Arm 4 –   Standard Arm – 4.3m Reach
Safe Working Max Lens Heights
Off the Front 3.05m 20 Degrees Angle
Off the Rear 4.17m 36 Degree Angle
Off the Side 4.0m 35 Degree Angle
U-Crane Arm 4 – Long Arm – 5.9m Reach
Off the Front 3.6m 20 Degree Angle
Off the Rear 5.2m 36 Degree Angle
Off the Side 5.0m 35 Degree Angle
U-Crane Arm 6 –   Standard Arm – 4.3m Reach
Max Lens Heights
Off the Front 5.98m 24 Degree Angle
Off the Rear 5.98m 24 Degree Angle
Off the Side 6.1m 25 Degree Angle
There are also available 2 other intermediate lengths between the Standard and Extra Long Mode
U-CRane Arm 6 – Extra Long Arm – 7.6m Reach
Off the Front 7.32m 24 Degree Angle
Off the Rear 7.32m 24 Degree Angle
Off the Side 7.44m 25 Degree Angle