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The vehicle teetering rig enables a vehicle to be positioned on its balance point over an edge, with a teetering movement added, thus giving the effect of the vehicle possibly falling, the rig enables this to be achieved safely, whilst keeping the movement and position of the vehicle secure. By doing this the actors are able to be within the car for any filming requirements while the vehicle is positioned over an edge.

During the preparation of the rig, the vehicle has a steel hinge-point physically attached to its underside, this locates either to a fixed steel ground anchor plane (with safety ballast weights attached from a distance, giving a redundant safety if cast and or crew are to be within the vehicle) or to a large telescopic fork lift enabling the vehicle to slide towards the edge whilst remaining under complete control of the stunt coordinator and Bickers stunt engineers.

Once the filming of the vehicle on the edge is completed, we are then able to use a quick release system to drop the vehicle off the desired position to enable a full sequence to be completed (videos attached show the action of dropping the vehicle).

This rig has been used on a number of productions including Emmerdale, and BBC’s Casualty with the coach over cliff and the balancing limo on the bridge.