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Our Combination Low Loading Tracking Trailers  –  these are marginally smaller than the No.1,   but their advantage is they are towed by the Cheyenne Elite 4×4 Tracking Vehicles or Similar Tracking Vehicle.

The suspension is 100% air cushion on No2 and can be adjusted according to weight and ride comfort. No4 is non air at the rear however has a higher weight carrying capacity. The Cheyenne Elite 4×4 Tracking Vehicle can be split from the low loader trailer, for use as separate tracking vehicles. These are the only Combination Tracking Vehicles / Low Loaders covering General Tracking, Small Camera Crane work, A Frame and Low Loader work in Europe.

For crew comfort all of our Low Loaders have a weather proof and safe crew compartment area with bench seating and safety harnesses for 6 crew members.

Driven by one of our Precision Tracking Vehicle Drivers.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Safety Harnesses Scaffold Tube and Fittings Rig
Lap belts in Crew Compartment 5K Generator
Dimensions / Weights
Overall Length of Towing Vehicle and Trailer 13m
Width of Low Loader 2.55m
Height of Low Loader 2.8m
Working Deck of Low Loader 5.3m x 2.55m
Cheyenne Tracking Vehicle Length 6.5m
Cheyenne Width 2.2m
Cheyenne Working Deck 2.4mx 2.2m
Gross Train Weight of Tow Vehicle and Trailer 7000kg