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The Bickers E-Trike Elite is a silent electrically assisted vehicle, making it ideal when filming indoors, in narrow locations, and in locations where traditional vehicles are prohibited. It is capable of tracking at low speeds and up to 30Kmh.

The full front suspension paired with the high-profile off-road tyres creates a comfortable and cushioned ride along a wide variety of terrains, from cobbles to dirt tracks.

The Bickers E-Trike has been designed and built to allow for a vast range of different camera rigging options. It has a seat on the rear with a footrest which can be used for handheld as well as Steadicam. The multi-purpose plate on the front and rear can be used to rig remote heads such as the Mini Libra, Ronin, Flighthead, and many others.

It has been designed and built to be fully compliant with the new E-Bike laws within the UK. This enables it to be used on roads, pavements and anywhere else it is needed, whilst remaining fast and nimble to cater to a range of camera tracking needs.