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The “Twizzy” ETV is our Compact Electric Powered 2 Wheel Drive  tracking vehicle / Powered Dolly! Pollution Free!

Bickers Upgrade from Standard 48V to 65V – Lithium Ion Batteries for Increased Speed and Prolonged Battery Life

The engine is completely silent, making it the perfect vehicle for recording sound from; and also ideal for filming in indoor spaces as it produces no gasses. It is capable of tracking at low speed and up to 60 Kmh. The Independent Suspension can carry 3 crew members plus precision driver and a good payload for equipment / small Jib Arms. Its low line of sight makes it unobtrusive and can be easily hidden in flowing traffic for example. Driven from a central driving position. The vehicle has scaffold safety rails that double as rigging points for camera and lighting, together with a Multi drilled and threaded rigging platform plates front and rear. Designed and built in House at Bickers using the latest Battery Technology. Additional mounts can be made for specific requirements. It is road registered for Public Highway use.

Please note:  The Twizzy is Two  Wheel Drive (2×4)  – more suited to roads and farm tracks, OK on Grass in Dry conditions. For more Off Road conditions please consider the Trojan which is Four Wheel Drive (4×4)

ETV = Fully Electric Tracking Vehicle

Driven by one of our Precision Tracking Vehicle Drivers.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
2 x Safety harnesses Remote Head Mount / Post Rig
2 x Operator Seats with Lap Belts Scaffold Rigging Kit
1x Front and Rear Platform Camera Crane Mounting Kit
Dimensions / Weights
Overall Length 2.3m  
Width 1.13m
Height 1.5m with Frame Attached
Rigging Plate Front and Back Height 750mm
Weight 320kg