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The Discovery 4×4 Split Tailgate Tracking Vehicles (2x available Black or Grey in colour) are rigged for filming from the rear, and they can carry fixed cameras from the Various Scaffold rigging points front, rear and roof. The “Post” rig or Up and Down Camera Support rig can be rigged to these tracking vehicles. The floor in the rear is fitted with a multi hole threaded rigging plate which can be used for mounting camera equipment and securing harnessing points for the operating crew.

They can also Tow an “A” Frame or the Tracking Tow Dolly – can be used as a Non-Descript Lead Vehicle for forward facing “A” Frame Shots – Which can be further improved using the long “A” Frame.

Or – Carry Camera Gear Externally Either with Fixed Post Rig  – Or an Up and Down Rig 

They can Carry 2 crew in the working rear area. The passenger’s compartment can carry 3 crew plus driver

Ideally suited for low key shooting, Top Gear Style. Police / Local Authority Approval is still required for these tracking vehicles, the same procedures apply as any of our regular tracking vehicles being used on the public highway. They can also be used as Pursuit Vehicle / Tracking Vehicle Escort vehicle and be fitted with Orange Beacons – Good general Off Roads Vehicle.

Driven by one of our experienced Precision Tracking Vehicle Drivers.

Fitted with EU Digital Tachograph for legally Towing Trailers