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The Silverado Elite is a 6-Wheeler 4×4 Tracking Vehicle, Crane Carrying and all round Tracking Vehicle with Key features including: 6000cc Petrol, 4 Speed Automatic – Computer Controlled Transmission, Full Size 4 Door Crew Cab, Increased working area and heavier weight carrying capacity for cranes. The universal floor can be adapted to suit most Camera Cranes including their complete dolly bases – For example the Supertechno 30ft can be mounted in a fully built mode in a relatively short space of time.

The Silverado can carry up to a  30ft Tehnocrane (for more information on which cranes can be used and are suited on the Silverado contact our office).

The carrying capacity on the rear work area of this vehicle is for 8 crew, plus equipment. The Crew Cab offers seating for a further 3 crew members and has space for remote head controls. The cab area also has 240v supply, 12v supply and USB sockets.

Driven by one of our Precision Tracking Vehicle Drivers.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
4x Safety harnesses 5K Build in Generator
Interchangeable Front or Rear Platform (2mx1m) “A” Frame or Tow Dolly
Camera Beam Scaffold Rigging Kit
Remote Head Control Mounts in Cab Camera Crane Mounting Kit
Dimensions / Weights
Overall Length 7.3 m   (Excluding Rear Platform)
Width 2.1m
Height 2.3m (with Spare wheel on the roof)
Working Deck on Rear 3.5 m x 2.1m    (including 450mm of the lower deck is the storage box – Excluding Rear Platform)

Deck height from Ground 850mm

Front and Rear Platform 2m x 1m
Centre of Crane Column Base to Cab 2.5m – Can be Varied slightly