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The Dodge Ram Elite 4×4 Tracking Vehicle can be used for camera tracking with any vehicle. These vehicles can be used Off-Road in rough and muddy terrain, and are also ideal for location access with camera gear etc. The Dodge Ram Elite is very quiet and fitted with air cushion suspension, which is adjustable to weight and ride comfort, very camera friendly!

This vehicle can be used for all round camera tracking and “A” framing with interchangeable front or rear platforms. The generator (6kva) is built in under the floor area of this tracking vehicle allowing more area for crew / equipment and in addition is much quieter. The carrying capacity on this vehicle is for 6 people only plus equipment. The Crew Cab offers seating for a further 3 crew members and has space for remote head controls.

The safety rails double as rigging points and offer endless opportunity for hard mounting of cameras, remote heads and other rigs. The Dodge can carry any jib arm, other manual cranes and up to a 20 foot Techno crane. BNC plug-ins are hard wired into the deck and cab for fast and easy connection, very user friendly. Our Precision Drivers are highly experience in this field of work.

  • Safety Rails shown 6kva Generator
  • 4x Safety harnesses A-Frame, Universal Car Door & Bonnet Mount
  • Interchangeable Front or Rear Platform Riggers Kit (18 tubes and fittings)